Automatic Plotting


All GSI offices around the globe use the latest diamond measuring and analysis equipment from Sarin Technologies.

The Sarin machine records a series of 2-dimensional images of the actual diamond as it rotates on the pedestal (as shown in the photograph to the right). The computer then converts these readings into a 3-dimensional graphic representation of the diamond and calculates it’s exact shape and dimensions including all the proportions and angles of the diamond. The result is a three dimensional wireframe rendering of the diamond.

In addition to the proportion analysis, the Sarin program can also calculate the estimated weight of a diamond, which it then compares to the actual weight that was entered into the system from the scales previously by a technician.

If the stone is a diamond simulant, then the estimated weight and the actual weight will be significantly different. The specific gravity, or density, of diamond is 3.52, which is not reproducible in most simulants.

This is the first test to make sure that the stone submitted is actually a diamond; later in the lab, the gemologists also verify that the stone is a natural diamond by other means.