The Four Cs as a Practical Matter
Everyone has heard of Cut, Clarity, Carat and Color, but it becomes difficult for people to use this knowledge practically. Our workshop seeks to answer questions as simply and practically as possible. READ MORE
Precision with Technology
Using the most precise scientific tools, rigorously calibrated to industry standards, we provide a thorough breakdown of the quality, grade, and measurements of a gem. READ MORE
Gem Identification
Our trained gemologists know a genuine stone—and we believe nothing is more beautiful. Screened for treatments and natural origin at every step of the process, we can tell if any gemstone is synthetic or has been treated. We give you peace of mind about the integrity of your gem. READ MORE
No Two Are Alike
Gem Experience
We are a group of gemologists and jewelry professionals with decades of experience. No two gems are alike, and we want you to see the magical beauty of that—with the help of our trained eye. READ MORE
Verify Your Grading Report
GSI has created an easy way for you to verify that the information you have on your GSI grading report reflects the data we maintain in our lab. This is an important security feature in the event that you lose your grading report or question its authenticity. READ MORE
Get to Know Us
About Us
We provide more than just a report of your gemstone's features: we form a relationship based on trust and integrity. We are privileged to extend our expertise to you, and want to share with you as much information as possible about the specifications and care of your gemstone. READ MORE