Your Virtual Vault

VirtualVault™ is an innovative new consumer security service created by Gemological Science International (GSI) to protect your GSI Grading Report.

VirtualVault™ provides permanent storage of your GSI Grading Report, and guarantees you anytime access to its contents – along with other important benefits – all for a one-time fee of $35.

Why is VirtualVault™ important?

  • Labs do not know who owns the reports they produce, because reports are sold by retailers. Not all retailers maintain records on their customers’ Grading Report numbers.
  • Should you lose your jewelry, law enforcement agencies and insurance companies often require documented, authenticated proof of ownership and value. If your Grading Report has been lost or misplaced, it is very difficult to access data about your missing jewelry without the report number.
  • When you register your GSI Report in VirtualVault™, you will be assigned a unique I.D. number and password that provides permanent access to the data on your Grading Report as well as other benefits of this program.

VirtualVault™ Benefits:

  • Lost/Stolen Jewelry Recovery Assistance – Law enforcement agencies and insurance companies stand the best change of recovering or replacing lost or stolen items if they can quickly verify ownership, characteristics and value. When you notify GSI of such an incident, we will send the report data stored in VirtualVault™ to all appropriate authorities and to you.
  • Free Updated GSI Reports – Every six years, you may request at no charge a new Report from GSI for the same item.
  • Free Updated Appraisals – Every three years, you may request at no charge an updated appraisal of the item’s value, based on current market prices*
  • Access Report Data – If your Grading Report is ever lost, stolen or altered, you can access the data on your original GSI report with your VirtualVault™ ID and password.
  • Volume Discounts – You may request other GSI services, including GSI Reports and additional VirtualVault™ accounts for your family, at cost savings.

Just as a GSI Grading Report provides the confidence that your gemstones and jewelry are authentic, VirtualVault™ helps provides protection for your purchases against unforeseen incidents and changing market evaluations.

Log in into your VirtualVault™ here.

* Applicable only to GSI reports with Estimate Retail Replacement Value or Suggested Manufacturer’s Retail Price.